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Take out Sewer Line Roots with these 3 Tips

Plumbernewtown Sewer Roots

Roots from the bushes, shrubs, or trees can enter the sewer line and cause clogs and damage. The degree of destruction will depend on how large the roots can grow. Aside from that, the time spent by the roots in the pipes will also affect the damage that can be done. In most cases, the roots just need a small crack that’s big enough for it to enter. Once the roots are inside the pipes; it will only take time for it to grow and clog the pipeline. There are many ways you can remove the roots from pipes; get to know more about these methods below.

1. Using chemicals to kill the roots

It’s common for root-killing herbicides to contain copper sulphate. There are many ways to apply these root-killing chemicals; one of which is by flushing it in the toilet. The reason why this is done is because the toilet’s connection is near the sewer system. Therefore, The chemicals will be able to enter the sewer line faster if it’s flushed in the toilet. Another way is to apply the chemicals in the soil to poison the roots underground. The chemicals should be applied on the soil surrounding the pipes to have a greater effect. Take note that the effects won’t be instantaneous. The time needed for the chemicals to work will depend on the strength and potency of the herbicide. This method will only kill the roots and won’t affect the tree.

2. Through the use of mechanical augers

The augers that will be used are designed for sewers. These sewer augers have rotating saw blade that’s able to cut down the roots. This method can minimise the root population in the sewer line but it’s only a temporary solution. The roots will just grow back and begin taking the sewer line again. Mechanical augers are only good for maintaining the sewer line. If you want to have a more permanent fix then you need to check out the next method.

3. Extracting the source itself

Extracting the tree and roots is the most effective solution. This method is best for those who want to have a permanent solution for their sewer line root problems. Removing the trees, shrubs, or any other plant that’s causing the root invasion will definitely stop the problem. It’s not just the tree that must be removed but the stump as well. The remaining roots should also be taken out the soil. This can be quite an inconvenient method if you have a medium to large sized tree. Pipes that have been too damaged by the roots need to be removed. If you have have tree species that’s always invading sewer lines then it must be extracted. There are many plant species that have roots that only need shallow soil coverage to survive. It’s best if you plant these vegetation to avoid having issues with your sewer line. The problem is that it will take a bit of time to research certain plant species.