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How to Stop Clogs From Forming in Your Sewer Line

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The first thing that comes into people’s mind when talking about clogs are drains and toilet problems. After all, these plumbing complications are very common. Almost everyone has already experienced these clog issues.

There is another type of clog that people aren’t familiar with. What we’re talking about is none other than sewer line clogs. Some of you may already experience the problems brought by drain clogs; but sewer line clogs are whole another level.

A clogged sewer line doesn’t just impede the sewage system but also the house’s plumbing system. Drain backups and sewer smell are noticeable problems. Removing the obstructions in the sewer system may require professional plumbing services. Don’t let yourself go through the trouble and learn how to stop a sewer line clog from forming in the first place. Just follow the tips below:

Have the pipes inspected and have it replaced if it’s old

Your pipes are most likely old if you’re living in an old house. Many of these houses have corroded pipes which can easily break and cause clogs. There are cases in which the pipes itself are causing the obstruction. You need to have your pipes surveyed to ensure that it’s exactly the cause. The blockage might be from another problem so be sure to let a professional inspect the pipes first. A plumber will use a pipe camera to see the current structure of the pipeline. They’ll be able to provide feedback and advice on what to do. Be sure to follow what the expert says; whether the pipes need to be repaired or replaced. There are many methods in modern sewer pipe repair that don’t cause too much damage and disruption.

Don’t flush hygiene products in your toilet

The toilet is directly connected to the sewer pipes. This means that anything you flush in the toilet will go immediately into the sewer line. Wipes, tampons, cotton buds, and other hygiene products shouldn’t be flushed. These items tend to clog the sewer line.

The only hygiene item that can be safely flushed is a toilet paper. You see, toilet paper decomposes and won’t stagnate in the pipeline. Unless of course if you drain a whole stack of toilet paper. You shouldn’t flush other non-hygienic items shouldn’t as well. Remember that toilet paper and human wastes are the only things that you should drain in your toilet.   

Avoid planting large plants

Large plants tend to have large and branching roots that can invade your sewer line. You wouldn’t notice a tree root invasion until the roots are blocking the sewer pipes. The optimal solution is to plant trees or shrubs that don’t grow enormous and volatile roots. If you want your sewer pipes to be even safer then you should plant the greenery away from the sewer pipes. Of course, you need to accurately know the location of the pipes in your yard. You can just uproot the plant and move it out of the sewer pipes away if you already planted it.