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How to Remove Roots in your Pipe System


A tree root infestation is proven to be a common problem in pipe systems all over the world. Small tree roots that are able to infiltrate the pipeline may not cause any immediate effects, but if it’s left to grow, it can cause destruction to the sewer pipes. In severe cases, the roots can halt the entire operation of the sewer line and cause clogs all over the plumbing system of your household. If there are roots in your pipe system, you should remove it immediately or ask plumbers to do the job.

Removing the tree
Some tree species are known to have aggressive roots that continually seek water near its area. The best way to deal with these types of plants is to just remove it. Take note that you should not leave the stump of the tree and you must kill the remaining roots. This will require a lot of work, especially if you have large trees in your garden. We don’t discourage anyone out there not to plant trees or other vegetation. You can still grow plants in your yard, but just be sure to do some research on what type of trees you’re having and if its roots have large sizes. Aside from that, you must also know how to properly allocate your vegetation so that it won’t interrupt the sewer pipes.

Rodding machines
Rodding machines are effective tools in cutting the roots off the sewer line. It has augers and blade cutters that rotate in order to slash down the tangling roots. If you’re not confident in using this tool, let a professional handle it instead to prevent injuries from happening.

Other drilling machines
These machines are very effective in slicing the roots. It’s basically the same with rodding machines but comes in a variety of features, energy requirement, size, etc. The tools mentioned are used by plumbers so you might want to stay from such tools if you have no experience using them.

Pour copper sulphate
There are actually root killers available for purchase, and most of them have the same chemical component which is copper sulphate. It’s effective for minor roots but struggle on colossal root invasion. Also, it may not be a good idea to use chemical-based solution for eliminating roots since it can cause corrosion to metal and damaged pipes. These chemicals are better off as maintenance and should be rarely used.

Pipe relining
If your sewer pipes are already a bit wrecked by the tree roots then you can just reinforce the pipes with the use of a sewer pipe repair technology called Cured-in-place pipe or CIPP. Plumbers & pipe relining contractors will first cut down the roots with a rooter machine or hydro jetter. An epoxy tube is then fitted into the sewer pipes in order to improve its durability and prevent it from being exposed to another tree root attack and even leaks. Contact a plumbing contractor now and asked if they offer pipe relining