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Reasons Why Your Sewer Pipes May Need to be Replaced


All types of sewer pipes need to be replaced at some point due to its age as well as its poor condition. There are certain kinds of pipes that can last longer than its other counterparts, but in the end, it will still succumb to damage and age. Delaying necessary sewer line repairs or replacement is way too risky because you will expose your household plumbing from interruption and an expensive repair. Read more of the article to get detailed explanation of why your sewer pipes may need to be replaced.

The pipes are out dated and worn
Pipes that are out dated and damaged should be renewed as soon as possible. If you have these types of pipes then you’re risking a sewer stoppage or a large sewer clog. Most new houses have advanced pipe technology and are very durable compared to its ancient counterparts. If you’re living in an old house then chances are, your pipes are out dated, old, and most likely corroded. This is because a lot of the pipes used in decrepit houses are steel. Knowing the condition of your sewer pipes is your first priority.
Renting a pipe camera and running it into a sewer line may sound like an affordable alternative to letting a licensed plumber check the pipes, but it won’t serve a major purpose since most homeowners won’t be able to fully analyse the footage or photos due to the lack of experience and knowledge when it comes to sewer line. Indeed, an inspection from a plumber will force you to spend some money, but it’s actually a small price to pay for accurate information and guaranteed quality consultation.

Pipes are made up of galvanised or cast iron
As what was mentioned earlier, most of the pipes in the past that were used for plumbing are metallic. To be more specific, these are galvanised steel and cast iron. For those who are living in old houses and haven’t replaced the pipes of the sewer since forever, then your pipes have a high chance of being galvanised or cast iron. These pipes are actually sturdy which is why construction services used a lot of these back in the day. However, when it does reach its full lifespan, it corrodes badly. A pipe that has reached a high degree of oxidation will have a lot of leaks, making it even more vulnerable to tree root intrusion. Another important thing that you should know is that if you want to take out the galvanised or cast iron pipe, you must not replace it with the same kind of pipe. You’re simply positioning yourself with the same problem in the future. A good recommendation is to replace it with non-metal pipes like plastic PVC or just hire a contractor that does trenchless pipe technology. One of the best trenchless repairs is pipe relining. This is because it’s very safe, has no excavation, fortifies the pipe lining, and a very long term solution. There are even 50 year warranties offered by these contractors.