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Pipe Relining or Pipe Replacement? Which one is Better?

Plumbernewtown PipesBefore the time of trenchless pipe repair, the only way to fix pipes was to have the pipeline dug up and replaced with new pipes. Fortunately, as technology and engineering progressed, so did pipe repair procedures. Today, there are pipe relining methods that oust excavation in its procedures, and thus, the damage from pipe repairs has become non-existent. However, pipe replacement is still present in modern pipe repairs. Some of you may be wondering which of the two solutions the best are.

It actually depends on the situation
Pipe relining is truly advanced that it managed to counteract the most prevalent problems with sewer pipes such as tree roots, leaks, rusting, and so much more. However, it hasn’t completely taken over the whole plumbing industry. In fact, pipe replacement is still around, although it has been polished to minimise damage and to conduct the replacement at a faster rate which resulted in the creation of trenchless pipe replacement methods. So why hasn’t pipe relining taken out pipe replacement out of the picture? The answer is simple: pipe relining can be inadequate and detrimental if applied in some sewer pipe issues. A good example would be pipes that are collapsed or in very poor condition. Using pipe relining and adding a resin liner to these fragile pipeline will not fix anything and is complete useless since the resin material will have little or nothing to bond itself with. Remember that this resin will become the new “shell” of the sewer line, and if it’s not properly attached, then using pipe relining will be fruitless.

There is no other choice than to replace the weak and insubstantial pipes with a new and improved one. You shouldn’t worry too much about the destruction of excavation when replacing pipes since trenchless pipe replacement has new methods that make the process less intrusive to the areas surrounding the work site.

Flexibility of the procedure
Apart from being an all-out solution for relatively damaged sewer pipes, pipe relining has another ace up its sleeve; it’s actually a flexible solution. You see, the resin liner used in most pipe relining methods can be easily integrated to pipes. In the past, it’s such a trouble to fix a small section of destroyed sewer pipes since a large portion or even the entire pipeline must be replaced as well. Pipe relining has no such issues since it can be adapted into pipe patching. This patching application can be applied to only the affected area of the sewer pipe, which doesn’t disturb or displace the functioning parts of the sewer pipe.

Plumbers & contractors knows best
Deciding if you want to go with relining or replacement on your own is actually counterproductive. You need to heed the guidance by the plumber or pipe contractors if you want to have the most relevant solution for your sewer pipe problem. Before experts do anything to your sewer line, they will first check the state of the pipes to determine if relining or replacement would be the best option.