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Why Moling is an Advantageous Trenchless Pipe Replacement Method

Plumbernewtown MolingMoling is part of the branching methods used in trenchless pipe replacement. If you’re familiar with animals, you might realise that moling is derived from the mammal mole, which burrows into the ground. As you might guess, this pipe replacement imitates the digging ability of the mole in its pipe replacement process.

In applying the moling procedure, the contractors must first establish the proper entry and exit point of the moling equipment. Also, contractors must also accurately set the angle, depth, and distance of the entry point to the final area through the use of advanced mapping skills. After the key points have been pinpointed, the digging tool is then placed to the access area and the excavation commences. The digging equipment is more of a steel cylinder that constantly clobbers the soil in front of the machine. Once the hole is created, the new pipe lining is then entered through the opening until it finally reaches its designation. There are a handful of advantages moling has to offer as a trenchless method, learn more about it below.

Digging is far more direct and quick
Excavating to create dozens of long stretches around the area is a thing of the past. Moling may need to have trenches for it to work, but it’s far more direct and it’s versatile enough to avoid digging through landscape and properties. Because of this, moling can be done faster than open-cut excavation that was popular in the past.

There’s not too much mess
There’s no point in hiding it, replacing pipes is indeed messy because of the required excavation. Some property owners think that they can just avoid moling since there are methods that don’t have digging like pipe relining. But this isn’t always the case; pipes that are breaking down or can’t be bonded with resin liners must be replaced in order for the sewer system to become operative. Moling and other trenchless replacement procedures are the most preferred and logical solutions for these problems. The mess caused by moling is actually 90-95% less if you set it side by side with open cut excavations.

The total cost is lower than pipe replacement
People often forget that if pipe replacement takes a lot of time to be finished, then it becomes more costly. If the sewer pipe repair will take weeks to be completed then you better get your cash ready since you need to spend more financial resources for the work. You don’t have go through the hassle of such expensive and inconvenient repairs since new trenchless pipe replacement can be done at a faster rate while saving you a lot of money. When it comes to pipe replacement, you’ll be assured that there is little damage to the property and surroundings. There are other replacement methods that are practical and economical, but you really need to have expert suggestions. This is because some procedures are more effective than the other. Be sure to always seek advice and services from licensed and experienced plumbers or pipe repair contractors.