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Machinery and Materials used in Pipe Relining

Plumbernewtown Machinery and Materials used in Pipe ReliningPipe relining makes use of various advanced tools and supplies to be properly done. This pipe repair solution has gained recognition around the globe, especially here in Australia because of how it fixes pipe damage efficiently and with less time used. For those of you who are curious on what types of machinery and materials are used in pipe relining, you can read more about it in the list we compiled below.

Resin for the liner
The key material in pipe relining is the resin as it becomes the main component of the liner and becomes the ‘new’ sewer pipe. There are actually a few materials that can be used as the resin such as epoxy, fibreglass, refined clay, and many more. Among these materials, the most used is epoxy. An important fact about epoxy is that it’s constantly cooled down before it enters the sewer lining. If it is exposed to heat prematurely, it will start to solidify, something that should be avoided until it has been perfectly placed in the pipes. For this reason, epoxy is placed in a refrigerator to keep it cool. Epoxy liner will take time to be hardened or cured which is why contractors use hot water or steam to accelerate the process.

CCTV Camera
A lot of you may be wondering why in the world a camera would be useful in pipe repairs. You see, plumber or contractors must first check out the sewer if there are any obstructions that can cause the pipe relining to become poorly fitted or just a complete failure. Digging up the pipes just to see its condition or any sign of clogging is time-consuming, hazardous (sewage waste exposure), and defeats the benefit of having a trenchless pipe rehabilitation. To prevent the hassle of excavation, a plumber or contractor can simply view what’s happening in the sewer pipeline through the use of a CCTV pipe camera. The camera is inserted into the pipeline and can be used to record or take pictures of the pipes. The footage and/or photos will certainly help in evaluating the extent of the damage as well as the blockage present. In case of obstructions, plumbers also have heavy machinery that can deal with it. These machines will be discussed next.

Root cutting machine and hydro jet
Root intrusions are usually the problem that escalates whenever the sewer line is leaking. When it comes to pipe relining, anything that’s blocking the sewer pipe must be removed in order to have a smooth liner insertion. If there are roots found, it’s cut down with the use of a root cutting machine. Hydro jets are also used to blast off debris and clogs out of the pipes with the jets powerful water pressure. It can be dangerous a hydro jet when the pipes are in critical condition.

The bladder is another important tool in pipe relining as it carries the liner into the maze of the sewer line. It can easily go through the sewer system as it can adjust to the shape and turns of the pipeline. Once it’s in position, it is then expanded so that the liner can properly attach itself to the host pipe.