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Kinds of Pipes in Plumbing and Sewer Systems

For those of you who are living in old houses, you probably have aged pipes by now that are vulnerable to corrosion and leaks. The sewer pipe linings in newly constructed homes are far more durable than conventional pipe materials used in the past, although many houses still use these traditional pipe materials. If you’re looking to replace your current sewage pipes with new ones, you must be a bit knowledgeable when it comes to choosing the best pipe or just ask a qualified professional for help. Either way, you can learn more about the kinds of pipes in plumbing and sewer systems which are listed below.

Cast Iron
This pipe was used a lot before the 1960s since it’s very tough. Cast iron is actually still used even though there are new and innovative types available in the market due to its trademark durability. However, its toughness can be overshadowed by its main disadvantage which is having tremendous corrosion when it’s aged. If you have cast iron sewer pipes in your household and it’s already rusting badly, it needs to be replaced or repaired right away. Leaving it in an awful condition will lead to sewer clogs, sewage backup, and even stoppage, which are disastrous for your home. For those of you, who plan on replacing their cast iron pipes, use other pipe materials besides metal types to avoid any issues with corrosion in the sewer line.

During the mid-1970’s, plastic pipes were widely used because it was much cheaper and easy to apply. There are actually two kinds of plastic pipes which are ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) or PVC (polyvinyl-chloride).

It’s mainly applied in residential areas, but a lot of people are discouraging its installation since its joints can be unhinged through the course of time.

This plastic pipe has become a popular choice for plumbers and homeowners since it’s still sturdy even though it has no metallic properties and can even withstand chemical exposure. However, compared to metal pipes, its durability is still kind of lower compared to cast iron and galvanised steel.

The new market in waterline pipes is PEX. Some people are afraid in using this pipe since it’s still somewhat new, but it’s actually been approved. This pipe is a favourite of plumbers since it can be easily cut and very flexible–making it easy to install. The main drawback with PEX is that it’s around three to four times more costly than copper or plastic pipes. Now that’s very expensive since copper pipes alone can already burn a hole through the wallets of an average homeowner.