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Indicators that your Sewer Pipeline is Probably Damaged

Plumbernewtown Sewer Pipeline damagedYour sewer pipeline is definitely tough and can survive everyday usage. However, time is its number one enemy. The older your sewer pipes are, the more it becomes prone to leaks, corrosion, and damage. It really doesn’t matter if your pipes are made from copper, cast iron, clay, galvanised steel, PVC, etc. There will come a time when the pipe will just break down, but of course, some pipe types last longer than the other. Some of you may not know the age of your pipes, and are wondering if it’s damaged or not. Hiring a certified plumber to check the condition of the pipes is the optimal solution, but you must also be attentive to some indicators that your sewer pipe line is damaged.

    1.Sewer gas/odour in your home

Most sewer tanks are designed to consistently get rid of sewage waste and to stop it from accumulating. If the waste flow is continuous and the sewage system is tightly secured by the sewer pipeline then there will be no putrid smells. However, if the sewer line is leaking, damaged, or clogged, then the sewer waste will likely amass and create a sewer gas. Trying to mask the odour will do you no good, since its source is not eliminated. Get your sewer line checked if you smell a sewage odour.

    2.Mould growth

If the sewer odour is paired with mould growth, then a destroyed sewer line is pretty evident. Moulds are common on humid surfaces, especially a bathroom that is not dehumidified well. You should really eliminate moulds since it releases toxic spores. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be any moulds in your walls, floors or any areas of the house that are supposed to be dry. If you do find moulds then the pipes behind the walls or floors are definitely leaking. Be sure to fix the pipes as soon as you can since the damage it will create is expensive to fix and a very inconvenient experience.

    3.Sewer backup

A sewer backup is an obvious indicator that there are some issues with the sewer pipe. However, don’t instantaneously dismiss a backed up drain to be a damaged sewer pipe. If there are backups in multiple drains, then your sewer line is most likely clogged, but if the backup is only concentrated to one drain then this means that it’s just a minor problem. Furthermore, if you noticed that there are still clogs and backups after you have just cleared out your drains, then the sewer pipes might have cracks, tree root invasion, etc.

    4.Invasion of various pests

Rodents, sewer flies, palmetto bugs, and of course cockroaches, love to live in sewer lines due to abundance of filth and other sewage waste. A clogged or damaged sewer line can amass waste from the sewer backup. Of course, the various pests will make this their newfound home. If you noticed that the appearance of these insects suddenly increased then the sewer line is probably damaged or clogged. Get it fixed as soon as possible or your house will become the new breeding ground of sewer pests.