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How to Defend your Sewer Pipes from Tree Roots

Plumbernewtown Defend your Sewer Pipes from Tree Roots

Planting trees and other vegetation are nice greenery to add to your backyard or garden. It makes the home more pleasing to the eyes and adds a natural look. For as you a homeowner, you need to keep in mind that the roots of the trees may enter your sewer line and cause disarray to both the sewer and plumbing system of your house. If you want to add or keep trees in the area of your house while still having a functional sewer line then you need to learn how to defend your sewer pipes from the tree roots.

The location of the plants is key

Trees, shrubs and other medium to large plants should be planted far from the sewer pipes, so that the roots won’t be able to ‘sense’ the nourishment from the pipeline. The sewer pipes are actually rich in water and soil source that attract the roots. In order to site the trees away from the sewer pipes, you must also know the location of the sewer line. You can hire a plumber to show where the sewer pipes are sited or the public works department in your area. Another important fact that you should know is that some tree species are very invasive. The roots of these trees are resilient in finding nutrients in the ground, and must be avoided.

Fix or renew the sewer pipes

It’s a common misconception that tree roots can enter the sewer pipes without any entry, implying that it has the strength to puncture through the sewer pipes. But in reality, the roots actually need some access area in order to enter the pipes. If your sewer pipes are still new or haven’t much taken damage then you don’t have to worry about tree root intrusions. However, for those who have aged sewer pipes then it might already be invaded by roots without you knowing. You won’t immediately suspect that your pipes have been attacked by tree roots since the maximum damage can only be noticed when your sewer line is failing. Fully grown roots don’t just obstruct the sewer pipes but may also cause the sewage system to halt. Get your pipes examined by qualified plumbers, and have it fixed immediately if it’s advised.

Control root growth with the use of chemicals

Root control chemical products are basically herbicides. There are many types of chemical root killers and each of them has its own varying effectiveness. Some may take weeks to kill the roots while others can work faster. Take note that some communities actually prohibit from using these chemicals since it can be hazardous to the environment. After all, chemicals that are poured into the ground may enter ‘the water line in your vicinity or neighbours’.

Remove the root source

If the roots just keep on growing and intruding your sewer line then you must remove the tree that’s causing it. Cutting out the trees is highly recommended if the roots have heavily infested the sewer pipe. It’s not enough to extract the tree, the stump must also be taken out to ensure the death of the tree roots.