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Advantages of Pipe Bursting as a Pipe Replacement Method

Plumbernewtown Pipe BurstingWe’re sure that a lot of you are wondering if this is really a procedure in pipe repair/replacement. It may sound odd that destroying the pipes allows it to be renewed, but this is actually one of the best pipe repair solutions available today.

To shed light on how this actually works, here’s a brief summary of the process; the edge of a bursting head is secured to a new pipe, while the front part is hooked up to something called a pull rod. Both the bursting head and pipe are simultaneously discharged while the pull rod is dragged from a gathering pit. The pressure from the rod is strong enough to burst the old pipes and protract the diameter of the pipeline. Once the old pipes are blown to bits, the bursting head then goes through the now vacant lining while forming a makeshift alcove, bringing along the new pipe that will now take its place as the core pipelining. This trenchless rehabilitation has a lot of advantages; you can read all of these below.

Minimal damage compared to excavation pipe repair
Pipe bursting does cause damage, but it mainly affects the old pipes, which isn’t really much of a threat compared to conventional repairs. Excavation on the other hand creates a lot of devastation now just to the sewer system but to the surrounding environment. Furthermore, excavation is risky since there is a possibility that when handling sewage waste, it may enter the water supply near the work area. People living around the excavation site may also be exposed from moulds and asbestos due to the digging process. Now if you compare the destruction and possible health risks of conventional pipe repair to pipe bursting, you will clearly notice that pipe bursting is way more practical and less damaging.

Contractors often offer lifetime guarantee
When a contractor gives a lifetime guarantee to their pipe repair services, you will know that they’re confident with their abilities and the method of repair–and they also want to safeguard the interest of their customers. Some pipe repair contractors who use the pipe bursting method actually offer lifetime guarantee, which can be expensive than those who don’t offer any assurance. It’s beneficial to have a guarantee since you’ll be ensured that the whole pipe bursting process will be done perfectly, and if there any flaws, the contractor will take immediate action to ensure that the pipes are properly repaired or replaced.

The whole pipe bursting operation is faster compared to standard pipe replacement procedures
Standard pipe replacement methods consume a great amount of time because of digging and cleaning the whole clutter. Pipe bursting has no excavation (thus no major clean-up) so naturally, the operation to finish the procedure is done faster.

A more affordable option
Pipe bursting only requires a few manpower and equipment in order to be finished, which makes it more economical on your part as you spend less upkeep for the work. Standard pipe replacement is costly since massive equipment and dozens of workers are needed to dig site and replace the pipes.