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5 Things You Need To Know About Pipe Relining

Plumber Newtown 5 Thing You Need To Know

When you are having a plumbing problem, mostly in forms of leaks and cracks in your pipe caused by increase in water pressure, root infestation or just plain aging of pipelines, replacement and repair would usually cost you a lot more than what you bargained for. Your local traditional plumber would suggest to have the whole pipe repaired or replaced by digging everything up. Depending on the situation, this process could take days. You will not be able to use your taps, showers and other water supply lines plus your yard will be a complete mess.

Luckily, pipe relining is now a popular solution. Pipe Relining is the process of reinforcing your pipelines by coating it with a protective covering using the latest technology. This advancement of pipeline repair has over 25 years of independent tests and 50 years of usage in the US and Europe.

Advantages of Pipe Relining

  • No-dig Technology
  • Unlike the traditional way of repairing a damaged pipe, in this method, only one access hole to the pipe. You don’t have to jack hammer your property to get to the pipe.

  • Fast
  • Because you only dug one hole to access the pipe, there won’t be any massive property reconstruction once the relining process is done. Also, when the plumbers go home for the night hours after the job, you can resume full use of your plumbing system and water supply lines.

  • Cost-effective
  • There will be no need for you to buy expensive trenching materials, new pipes and fittings and other materials for pipe repair.

  • No more problems
  • So far, Pipe Relining method has a perfect record. Consumers state that after the relining installation, they have no longer experienced clogs, backups and pipe cracks. What the inner layer now does is that it eliminates the joining. This means that without that time crack where the joint between pipes used to be, there is no where the roots could penetrate to get access to the moist and water within the pipe. Your pipe is now water and air tight.

  • Strong Reinforcement
  • The inner lining is made up of 4 excellent materials:

    Epoxy Resin – this resin is 2 times stronger than concrete independently
    Silicate – its purpose is to insulate the pipe during high temperature for insurance purposes. This is resistant to corrosion and has high compressive strength.
    Vinyl Ester – has superior chemical resistance and low permeability attributes and are primarily used for secondary containment and, pipe and tank linings.
    Polyester – composed of 3 layers:

      1. Outer Layer – 2 mm of chemical resistant and low permeability materials
      2. Middle Layer – made to be durable against any internal pressure and external dead load stress.
      3. Inner Layer – chemical resistant from the outside to protect the water or gas supply running inside the pipe.