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4 Remedies for Root Intrusion

Plumbernewtown Root IntrusionNo matter how well maintained our plumbing mechanisms are, sometimes it is unavoidable for root intrusion to take place beyond our consciousness. This is caused by trees possibly planted in our neighbourhood whose root reaches our sewer pipes. This time, our only choice is to hand over quick and effective remedies to avoid root growth and maturity within our pipes. This will help in the avoidance of further destruction and sewer line issues brought by root intrusion. But when root intrusion has taken over your sewer pipes, then the need to walk the path of sewer line repair should be taken to prevent sewer backups and overflow.

Here are some remedies that could help you remove root intruders from your sewer lines.

    1. Chemical treatments

As unavoided root intrusion initiates in your sewer pipelines, you start thinking of easy ways to remove it without costly repairs and expensive labours. Opting for chemical treatments will be your best choice. It has been recommended to utilize copper sulphate crystals, a toxic chemical for tree roots to avoid tree root growth and maturity within your sewer lines. The application of copper sulphate should be done often with a specific time interval because these chemicals will only be absorbed by roots in a short distance.
Copper sulphate is not only for tree root removal, it can also be utilized for root intrusion prevention. Flush copper sulphate in your septic tank and sewer lines often to avoid root intrusion.

    2. Mechanical tree root cutting

Another root clearing method is through mechanical root cutting. This is made possible with the help of a mechanical auger. A mechanical auger is a plumbing tool inserted within your sewer line. Its rotating head, which appears to be a reciprocating saw, cuts the trees penetrating your sewer lines but much of it remains within your pipes though. In this case, you haven’t solved the problem yet because the roots will again grow.

    3. Hydro jetter tree root killing

Another tool for sewer root clearing utilization is hydro jetter. This removes root that enters your pipes, grease and fat build-up and other foreign objects present in your pipes with the use of high pressure. This is a machine that contains a water tank and a diesel engine. Its tank can carry up to 300 gallons of water and produces up to 4000 PSI of pressure that is the main cause of root, grease, fat and debris removal within your sewer lines. This then effectively cleanses your sewer line bringing back a brand new condition and effectiveness.

    4. Digging up

Sometimes, when root intrusion has taken place for a long time, your sewer line might be severely damaged, sewer problems such as clogging and sewer line sagging might already be taking place. In this situation, the need to repair your sewer line arises, digging up sewer lines, removing root intruders and pipe relining will then be helpful and you can start with the preventative measures from root intrusion to avoid the same problem in the future.