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4 Dangerous Clues that your Sewer Line is Clogged

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Most of the time, people just ignore the sewer line since they’re too preoccupied with more visible plumbing fixtures in the household. The only time it gets noticed is when some alarming issues occur like a sewer backup or even a whole stoppage. This kind of problem can layoff the entire plumbing system of your home and can even cause diseases due to the sewer waste. You need to know some of the dangerous clues that indicate that your sewer is clogged in order to prevent these issues from occurring in the future.

1.There is more than one clogged drain A clogged drain
is a normal occurrence in any home, and is caused by the accumulation of various wastes such as grease, hair, soap residue, food, oils, and among many others. This problem can be easily solved with the use of plungers, drain sticks, natural drain cleaners, etc. Clogged drains may be something usual but you need to start being watchful with the sewer line in your home when there is more than one drain that is being obstructed. You should be even more suspicious when drains that are rarely used are being clogged.

2.Toilet issues
One of the definite clues that your sewer lines are blocked is when there are toilet issues. A toilet pipe line is very near to the sewer system so it’s no surprise that it’s the most affected plumbing fixture in the house when there are sewer line issues. When you notice that your toilet has a hard time flushing and creates gurgling sounds, then a sewer line clog might be causing these problems. Of course, having problems with the toilet doesn’t immediately imply that your sewer pipes is having troubles, since it may be that there are certain components of the toilet that are faulty or destroyed. You can have a better assessment with an inspection conducted by a plumber.

3.Gross odour originating from the drains
Some of you may have experienced getting foul smells from the drain due to food wastes that are clogging it, but we’re pretty sure you can differentiate it with the more atrocious odour of a sewage waste. A sewer line may not just stay clogged but also go back up to your house, carrying raw sewage waste. The smell can be easily distinguished so get those pipelines cleared if this ever happens.

4.Bathroom sink bubbles
Apart from the toilet water rising, you should also check your bathroom sink if bubbles rise when you fill it water. There is a high probability that this shows a sign of a blocked sewer line since trapped air from the sewer obstruction will try to escape, and thus, cause air bubbles. You may be too busy to actually notice anything bizarre with your plumbing fixtures, so the best course of action is to just call a plumber near you to do an inspection of not just sewer line but your house’s plumbing system as well. They can provide accurate examinations of your home’s plumbing while providing the best course of action for you.