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Pipe Relining

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Sewer lines are extremely important as they transport waste from households and commercial properties through pipes to sewage treatment or disposal plants. To ensure that these systems do not affect other infrastructures, they are laid underground. But as buildings, homes and gardens are built on the surface of these drain and sewer lines, these pipes become susceptible to damage. When that happens, the structures that have been laid above the pipelines may have to be destroyed to correct the problem. Thankfully, a newer technology called pipe relining eliminates the need for a disruptive procedure to repair sewer lines.

How does Pipe Relining work?

With the pipe relining method, a new, smaller pipe is created inside the existing pipe using a lining material, making the repair or replacement process so much easier. It is also more efficient when dealing with damaged pipes because it eliminates the need to dig deep into the ground, which is, by the way, very costly. Pipe relining can be used on pipes that are as small as 40 millimeter or as large as 600 millimeter in diameter. As compared to replacing an entire pipe system, pipe relining is more convenient and essentially cost-effective.

Generally, this is how pipe relining is carried out.

    1. The condition of the pipe as well as the cause of pipe damage are assessed. This is done with the use of a small CCTV camera sent down into the pipeline. Through this procedure, homeowners and businesses are able to save money because it eliminates the need to remove the whole drain system and replace the pipes. Using a tiny camera to determine the gravity of the problem allows the plumbers to isolate affected areas and fix them efficiently.

    2. Following inspection, high pressure water blasting is performed to clean the pipe. Tree roots causing the blockage may be removed during this process.

    3. The lining material will be injected into the plumbing system. Once the pipes are cleared out of any blockage, the inside of the damaged pipe will be coated with a thermosetting resin mixture, filling in holes and crevices. This will then be bonded to the host pipe using air pressure. This process is known as inversion.

    4. The lining material is cured. The resin mixture will be left to cure for several hours to form a new pipe. For larger pipes, steam or hot water may be required to reline them.

    5. The pipe-relining job is evaluated. To ensure that the relining of the pipeline is successful, a tiny camera will be sent down to inspect it.

Why use Pipe Relining instead of Pipe Replacement?

Pipe relining offers lots of benefits that the traditional method of replacing pipes don’t provide, including the following:

  • Getting rid of deep excavations, which are quite disruptive.
  • You will be able to save time and money from restoring the landscape of your property.
  • The resin mixture injected into the pipes is guaranteed to last up to 50 years.
  • There is no need to maintain the pipe systems regularly.
  • You do not need to worry about root intrusion because pipe relining is a joint-less product.

To help you better understand the advantages of pipe relining, call us today on 421 142 113. With our expertise and the latest technologies, we guarantee to help you solve any drainage problem you may be experiencing.

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