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Sorting Out Low Shower Pressure

A shower is one of the best ways to relax after a very long day. But if the pressure is so low, you will definitely end up getting more stressed than ever. The good thing is that it can be sorted out. Below are highlighted the ways to fix low shower pressure.

1. Your shower head may have pressure-limiting features. Consider removing its flow constrictor or replacing it altogether. To remove the flow constrictor, a plastic device that limits water pressure, get a screwdriver and use it to take out the shower head. Once you have done this, find the constrictor and take it out. Then put the shower head back there.

If you prefer to replace your current shower head, you can get a high-pressure shower head from the hardware shop. Just make sure that it is made by reputable manufacturers using the best materials and under the highest standards of quality.

2. You might want to check out other taps in your home, too. If they do not release that much water, too, find the water main of your property and fully open the valve. However, if the valve is fully opened, then there might be a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

There are two ways to look for a leak. One is to switch the water valve off and checking the meter for changes in the reading. Another is to look for pooling water or mould growth inside or outside the home. If there really is a leak somewhere in your home, then call a plumber to sort it out for you right away. Good plumbers have the skills and equipment to deal with leaks, so hire one instead of dealing with the problem yourself.

3. Your shower head might be clogged with mineral deposits and dirt. Clean the shower head by taking it out and brushing the dirt build-up off. If there are mineral deposits on it, soak the shower head in a bowl of vinegar overnight, then brush it off using a wire brush. Put it back on afterwards and test it. Feel free to do some of the above steps again if there still are parts of the shower head that do not release much water.

These are the things you can do to fix low water pressure in the shower. When doing this task, make sure to use the correct tools and supplies to prevent problems.