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The Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heating Systems

Water heaters have come a long way since its early development in the 1800’s. Manufacturers are continually developing new units that are far more energy-efficient than its past versions. One of the most prominent water heaters today is the tankless heating system. However, despite its efficiency, innovation, and popularity, tankless water heaters are far from perfect. This article will take on the pros and cons of the tankless system. Hopefully, the discussions will help you conclude if having a tankless water heating system is beneficial for your current home.

The Pros

*It Saves Energy

This is a primary reason why tankless systems are getting more attractive for homeowners worldwide. It can decrease a significant amount of your energy bills every month. After all, it’s innovative design is what makes this possible. You see, it only heats water when you need it. The tankless system automatically shuts down if you turn off the plumbing fixtures, saving energy in the process. This is truly a great improvement from traditional units that continually use up energy throughout day just to preheat the water supply. You’ll be surprise how much it can cut down your electric bills every month.

*Requires Lesser Maintenance

Tankless water heaters obviously don’t have a tank system, which makes it more user-friendly. The low maintenance requirement makes it a great heating system. There is little to no sediment build-up you should worry about. It still needs a bit of inspection once in a while since it’s still just any other equipment that is prone to wear and tear.

*Doesn’t Need Much Space

The compact structure of this heating system makes it easier to install in your house. It’s basically mounted equipment, giving you more space than you ever need.

*Very Durable

It’s more durable in the long run as it can last for a maximum of 20 years with minor maintenance requirements.

The Cons

*It’s Really Expensive

Tankless water heaters can reach up to thousands of dollars if you want to have the best unit. You also have to factor in the installation fees which are also pricey.

*Some Units Don’t Produce Much Hot Water

Unfortunately, not all tankless water heaters are efficient in producing hot water. This is because of the size limitation. Those of you who have large families may have trouble having consistent hot water since the heating system might not keep up with the tremendous demand. Some homeowners solve this problem by purchasing another tankless water heater which can be impractical for some people due to the added expenses.

*Replacing standard water heaters can be more expensive

You finally decided to give tankless heating systems a chance but do you know that it’s actually even more expensive to retrofit? You see, replacing standard water heaters is a complicated process, which adds another cost for your installation. You’re better off purchasing a new and energy-efficient traditional heating system if the expenses are too much for you.