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The Perks and Drawbacks of Using a Tankless Water Heating System

plumbernewtown tankless-water-heaterAmong the many modern water heaters that have been developed from the previous decades; it’s the tankless water heating systems that have become the most used. Majority of homeowners always choose a tankless system and many are already switching to this type of water heater. It does have lot of advantages which make it an enticing option. However, a tankless water heating system is far from being the perfect quintessential water heater for any household. This type has its own disadvantages that can be a deal-breaker. Hopefully this list of perks and drawbacks will shed light on the reality of installing and using a tankless water heater.

What are the perks of using a tankless water heater?

1. Energy-saving feature

This is absolutely the number one reason why many people are using tankless water heaters right now. This heating system does offer a great advantage over the standard versions with its efficient energy use. You see, a standard tank storage water heater isn’t the most energy-efficient device. A standard heating system continually uses up energy in order to keep the water warm. This means it’s using your electricity, natural gas, or any other fuel source 24 hours a day and seven days a week. What makes it even worse is that ‘the unit is heating water that you’re not using yet the whole day. Tankless water heaters are far more different since it only heats water that you’re using. The process goes like this: you use the hot water tap and this signals the tankless unit to start heating water. Take note that you may not get instant water since it takes a few seconds for the water heater to raise the temperature and heat the water.

You can keep using the tankless unit for 20 years!

Did you know that a tankless water heater has a long life expectancy of 20 years? That’s actually a long time for a water heater life since most types of water heaters only have an average lifespan of 10-13 years. However, lack of maintenance can lessen the life expectancy of any type of water heater so always do the necessary upkeep.
They don’t need a lot of space
As what you might have already perceived with its name, tankless units don’t have any tanks which means you don’t need a lot of room space. Tankless water heaters can be just placed on walls and even outside your house — provided you have anti-freeze tools.


Installation and possible add-ons are too expensive
If you think a standard heating unit is expensive then wait till you know the price of a tankless system. You see, majority of tankless water heaters are twice the price of a conventional unit. Furthermore, if your plumbing connections were from a storage type; then the team doing the installation needs to do some retrofitting. Retrofitting is basically adjusting the plumbing connections to allow the tankless unit to become compatible. This process is another added cost which can be a deal breaker for those who can barely afford a tankless unit.