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6 Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Replacement

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When it comes to our water heater unit, it is inevitable that it experiences complications that could from doings it functions. On the other hand, as some issues are being neglected these issues that can be a factor why you will have to a purchase another unit earlier than expected. Keep in mind that unit problems can be mended by professionals yet, since it was being disregarded for a long time, it turns out that it worsen and can no longer be used.

Inconsistent temperature

The range of temperature to make household chores such as cooking and washing dishes possible should be at least 120-140 oF. If the unit is producing inconsistent water temperature, there must be complications with its thermostat. Check if it set to between its ideal ranges. However, if the complications still persist, examine your unit’s element for it might be damaged. If these two are broken, it means that your unit provides with too cold or sometimes too hot water temperature.


Your water heater shouldn’t be creating disturbing noises when serves its purpose during its lifespan. On the other hand, a noise is an indication of malfunctioning unit. The noise you hear is from the rattling and banging sound due to the accumulation of sediments on the base of water heater tank that impedes the burner from heating. Flush the sediments out of the tank when this happens.

However, if it didn’t do any good, try to as a professional’s assistance and tips for you might need to replace your water heater unit. Some problems are left unnoticed and these result to a further damage to the system or worse, an explosion. Same as your unit, if this indication is disregarded, it might explode and burn your house down.

Fitful water heater

There might be a problem with the element if your notice when you turn your shower on and inconsistent water temperature starts to pour down. If you are well aware of what’s damage, you can mend the issue, however, if it seems complicated, a professional plumber should be the handling the situation. If the problem can’t be repaired, then your last choice would replacing the broken component with a new one.


Unit leaks should never be disregarded for minor issues will turn to major complications over time. If your components are experiencing corrosion, it lessens the durability of the surface creating minor leaks that could get bigger. Tanks and other components having leak issues caused by corrosion should be substituted with a new one for it might affect and endanger other appliances when it explodes.

Smell and appearance

There are times that when you turn on your shower, you notice cloudy water along with its metallic smell. This is because of the build-up of sediment or corrosion inside your heater tank and this should be inspected and replaced if the issue can never be mended.

Old age

Our water heater units can last up to 15 years. However, this happens if you often take time to check and maintain its components and functions. However, if you fail to do regular maintenance, your water heater unit will start to have major issues. These complications will reduce the lifespan of your unit making you replace earlier than expected.