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Burst Hot Water System Newtown

It was Lauren & Andrew’s dream to open a hair dressing Salon in Newtown. They were very passionate about hair styles and fashion and Newtown was the perfect place to really establish themselves as the go to hair dressers in Newtown.

Andrew had just returned from a stint working in a salon in London where he was even able to design punk hair styles for customers who wanted to stand out from the crowd in London. The shop had its grand opening a few weeks ago and clientele were quickly spreading the word amongst their friends that Andrew does the most amazing styles.

Lauren was more interested in makeup, nails and spray tans. Their salon provided their customers with a complete makeover all in one spot and they were good at what they did and the growing list of customers proved it.

The music pumped, the staff were happy, customers were smiling, it was a good day. One of the young apprentices reported a problem to Andrew that she wasn’t getting hot water at the basin and the customer was complaining that it was too cold when she washed her hair. Andrew went to investigate what could be wrong. He went out the back of the shop to find that there was a lot of water on the ground.

He walked over to the hot water tank and found that it was leaking from the bottom of the unit. He could not believe it, with a shop full of customers what was he to do? He saw a sticker on the tank that read “For fast hot water replacement call Your Neighbourhood Plumber Newtown.” He removed his mobile phone from his pocket and called the number on the sticker. As luck would have it the plumber was just finishing up on a job close by so he was able to come to the salon in the next 30 minutes. Andrew showed the plumber the tank and he explained that the tank was over 10 years old it had burst which is what would be the normal life expectancy.

After discussing the options available and the most cost effective solution, the plumber was able to hook up a temporary tank for Andrew while he organized a replacement tank to be delivered. Later that afternoon the plumber was loading the old tank on to his truck and finishing cleaning up at the back of the property.

He explained to Andrew how to release the pressure valve every six months to ensure it was in good working order. Andrew was so impressed with the service he offered the plumber a free haircut. After the plumber saw a freshly created punk style complete with multicolored spikes he said “Thanks, I’ll think about it.”

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