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Need immediate assistance on a blocked drain pipe? Don’t panic and contact a professional plumber without delay. At Plumber Newtown, we guarantee to provide fast and dependable plumbing service at a reasonable price. Our emergency plumbers highly skilled to deal with various types of plumbing emergencies including:

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Do you have a Plumbing Emergency?

Newtown is a trendy, eclectic inner west suburb of Sydney with great cultural diversity, it is also the home of IT specialists Mina & Parth. They have a lovely terrace house close to all of the activity in Newtown. Neither of them own a car so being able to walk to great public transport all over the city is perfect for them.They also have the opportunity to wander the various Cafes and Restaurant if they don’t feel like cooking and they really enjoy getting out and about on the weekend keeping fit and freeing themselves from being stuck at a desk all day.

Mina had made a fresh pot of tea and was waiting for Parth to finish his shower and join her for breakfast. She was reading the paper when she thought she felt a drop of water on her head. She looked up and couldn’t see anything. She continued to read the paper when a few drops fell on the pages in front of her. She looked up again and saw water dripping from the light fitting.

She spread the paper out over the table and realized that more water was dripping. She ran upstairs and told Parth to turn off the shower but he had already done so. “There is water dripping through the roof downstairs!” she exclaimed.

Parth wrapped the towel around his waist and ran downstairs with Mina. “Oh that doesn’t look good.” He said, “Here call this plumber, the flyer came in the letterbox yesterday.” Mina called the Your Neighbourhood Plumber Newtown and told him to hurry as she was worried about the water causing a lot of damage.

The plumber attended and upon investigation believed that the shower breach was leaking causing water to run down the wall and through the ceiling below. He gave them an upfront price to make repairs and they agreed that they wanted the work started straight away.

The plumber removed the shower tiles and cut a hole in the wall to expose the breach. As expected it was leaking so he set about replacing it to stop the dripping water. He explained that it had been leaking for a little while and that they should a gyprock specialist to inspect the ceiling in the kitchen as it was saturated with water and could possibly fall down with the weight.

The plumber repaired the breach and left the area clean and tidy. Mina and Parth were both happy that the problem had been solved so quickly without too much damage being caused by the leak.

For all of your plumbing emergencies in Newtown, call the plumbers you can trust on 0421 142 113.


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