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Seasonal Plumbing 101 – Proactive Autumn Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Plumbernewtown MaintenanceIf Autumn is just around the corner, do not just focus on decorating the outer beauty of your home by decorating with autumn leaves and wreaths. This season could also invite a multitude of potential plumbing issues in your homes. Prepare your pipes for the imminent cold, wetter season and prevent or reduce the likelihood of these mishaps. Here are some plumbing maintenance tips to keep your plumbing system in top condition:

    3.Prevent Clogged Drains

Include this safe and environmentally-friendly drain cleaning process in your weekly maintenance: Just mix a cup of salt, another cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of cream of tartar and use this as a drain cleaner. Wash away with boiling water afterwards.

    2.Insulate Your Pipes

Safeguard your pipes from bursting by using special insulating tapes or foam padding sleeves. Keep warm any exposed pipe or fixture through space heaters from a safe distance. Check out pipes in basements or areas that are less likely used to avoid the accumulation of ice and frost or prevent cracks from developing.

    3.Fix Leaky Taps

Before the temperatures drop,inspect your pipes and fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen, and any other utility rooms for leaks. Contact your trusted plumber to lend a hand or two to avoid driving your bills higher and prevent major issues in the future.

    4.Drain Hot Water Heaters

Draining your water heater, especially to those households who use hard water, significantly extends the lifespan of the appliance and maintains its optimum performance. If a hot water is not drained regularly, there will be hard water sediment that will build up in the tank and rust may develop. Autumn is the prime time to do this plumbing prevention! If you notice that your water heater is too old, leaking, or rusting, consider getting a new unit. Latest models are more energy-efficient and worthwhile investments.

    5.Disconnect Outdoor Hoses

Put away outdoor hoses until springtime. An outdoor hose attached to an exterior tap may freeze the taps and connecting pipes inside your home. This will lead to a hefty repair cost and hinder your seasonal activities.

    6.Check on your Exterior Taps

Ensure that your exterior taps are in a good working condition. If there are drips and leaks, make the necessary repairs to prevent nasty accidents over time.

    7.Turn off Shut-off Valves

Close interior shut-off valves and drain the water from outside lines. This is to ensure that there will be no water that remains in the lines that freezes which could lead to a pretty damage to repair.

    8.Check on Your Clean Sump Pump and Pit

Before the imminent chill of the autumn season, it is advisable to check and prime up your sump pump and the pit where it is located. This is to prevent flooding your basement, especially when precipitation is high.

    9.Clear your Roof Gutters

Regularly remove leaves, rubbish and other debris from your roof gutters and drainpipes, especially to those houses with lots of trees in the surrounding. If they are blocked by leaf litter and debris, this will maximise the risk of water damage to your home. Consider installing gutter guards to make the task easier. Replace cracked tiles, worn-out flashing or damaged gullies and valleys. You may need to contact scaffolding to carry out the project.

    10.Prevent Frost Damage

Before the Autumn temperature drops, make sure to finish all external decorating and other remedial work that utilises cement mortar and sand. Frost damage can weaken the structural integrity of of mortar and cement which may lead to repeating the job.

    11.Have Your Furnace Inspected

Consult a professional to service your furnace and make sure it is fully functioning. Have it tested, cleaned, and tightened to extend its lifespan. For older unit, you may have to buy newer ones.

    11.Prepare the Yard

Fallen leaves may look pretty and decorative as they carpet the streets, but they will obstruct your drainage system. Clear your lawn by removing dead plants and raking the leaves and debris. Remember that this can promote milder and mould growth.
Proactive seasonal plumbing is fairly easy, but you need to do this sincerely. This will prevent you from stressing over costly repair costs and will relieve you from frayed nerves when plumbing issues arrive. With vigilant maintenance and prevention, you are sure to enjoy your season fully.