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Copper Re-piping

Copper re-piping refers to replacement of older and mostly leaking pipes with new and more resistible copper pipes . This new pipes are then referred to as copper re-pipes. As a plumbing system ages, the pipes begin to rust and corrode. This results in leakage, low water pressure, discoloured, smelly water, and other problems. Before these problems get bigger and cost you a fortune, switch to copper re-piping to resolve many of these plumbing related issues.

It can start with getting stranded in the shower every time someone flushes the toilet or waters the lawn. Later, you begin to get yellowish colour water. These are some of the basic signs that point to the need for re-piping of your plumbing system . These problems emerge due to old piping, usually galvanized plumbing pipes that have been corroded and rusted over time. In the modern plumbing structure, copper pipes are prevalent because of their lasting properties, even after they have aged. This piping doesn’t get corroded and is a long-term solution to most common plumbing issues. With a better plumbing structure, you can make your home a safer, more comfortable place.

Like most people, you might have tried the do-it-yourself fixes to save a few bucks, but some plumbing problems do require professional attention. Piping should be replaced as soon as you notice the aforementioned signs because if you wait, the problem might take a bigger and costlier shape down the line. So, it’s imperative that you call a plumbing service today and have them handle the problems professionally.


Re-piping isn’t simply changing a few pipes at the elbow joints. Rather it is about tearing down and replacing all the pipes to ensure the system will function right for years to come. The plumbers will tear open the walls that have pipes installed inside and replace the old galvanized pipes with the new copper ones and patch the wall back up again. Starting from the distribution points, the experts remove and replace all pipe lines including hot and cold water pipes, one after another. You will have to move around a few things such as paintings, vases, photo frames and other valuables that may break during the re-piping process. Don’t forget to use furniture and carpet covering to keep them from damaging. Most plumbers also make use of drop cloths to safeguard your flooring.
After the re-piping is finished, specialists test the newly installed pipes. They check the water flow and look for leaks. If a problem is found, it gets fixed right away. The entire job may take 2 to 5 days, depending on the complexity of the piping system and any problem areas.