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How to Clean a Drain Snake

Whenever you have trouble with your clogged drains, obstructed toilets or other plumbing woes, drain snakes are the first tools that you use to solve the problem. It’s easy to handle and clears out the drain with relative ease. You don’t need to be an elite plumber to use this tool; it just takes a bit of practice to get used to.

Drain snakes are often reserved for tougher clogs that the plunger can’t handle. Aside from knowing how to use it, you also need to be able to do a proper cleaning maintenance for this tool. Besides, this plumbing equipment is always in contact with the various filth and bacteria found in pipe linings, toilets, and drains. Check out the guide in this article on how to clean your drain snake.

1.Initial Preparation

You must undergo the necessary preparations first before moving on with the cleaning procedure. You need to wear proper protection so that there won’t be any physical contact with the drain snake. This part of the process shouldn’t be ignored since there are millions of bacteria that are harbouring on this equipment. Always protect yourself and wear rubber gloves, and goggles. Washing your hands, arms and other body parts that can be exposed to bacteria is also another precautionary step. Also, make sure that the clothes you’re wearing can be washed in warm water.

Another thing you should prepare is a soap mixture which is comprised of hot water, powerful detergent, and antibacterial soap. Mix all of those components into the bucket. If you want to have a stronger cleaning mixture, you can add bleach. This will serve as your main cleaning solution.

2.Pull the Cable

Extend the cable out of the machinery so that you will be able to sanitise the whole snake. The cable can be pretty long so be sure to have adequate space.

3. Apply the soap

Now, you can apply the soap mixture to the extended cable. It’s best if you use a clean rag to wipe the soap solution. Don’t just focus all your attention on the cables, the drum part of the drain snake should also be cleaned as it’s also exposed to dirt and bacteria.

4.Wash the cable with hot water

Some bacteria are not fond of hot water so rinse the cable with boiling water. Take note that substandard drain snakes might not be able to take the heat and get damaged.

5. Dry the Cable and Add Lube

Wait for the cable to be completely dry before applying the special lube. You can either use snake oil or WD-40 as the lubricant. With this, you can easily insert the cable back to the drain machine.

6. Finalising

After you have stored the drain snake, you need to take a sanitising bath. Even if you have protection, you still need to cleanse your body to kill off possible bacteria that came from the drain snake. The clothes you used must be washed with warm water to eliminate germs. The protective gear should also be sanitised.