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8 Ways to Maintain your Plumbing System

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If you want to extend the service life span of your plumbing system, then you have to do something. There are a lot of ways that you can do to keep your system in good condition. Listed below are ways on how to maintain your plumbing system.

1. Water Softening

Hard water contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The minerals can build up in the walls of your pipes that can possibly decrease or avoid the flow of water and can eventually increase the pressure of water. These are the main reasons of the metal pipe joint and fitting corrosion.

2. Future Blockages Prevention

There are several ways on how to prevent future blockages. You just need to be mindful on the things being washed or flushed down in your drainage system. You have to make sure that you dispose your toilet and kitchen wastes properly especially if the material being flushed down could be a reason for drain blockages. For the toilet, avoid flushing materials which are not flushable. Meanwhile for your sink, avoid washing down materials that can harm your drains and pipes.

3. Routinely Plumbing System Inspection

You would worry less about having some issues in your plumbing system only if you have it inspected regularly. Checking your plumbing system can help you determine some problems or damages within the system. Once you notice some problems in the system, you can have it repaired immediately or you can do some remedies on it. It is advisable to check your plumbing system to repair minor problems immediately avoiding it to become bigger which can cost you much.

4. Pressure Reduction

Excessively high water pressure could be hazardous to your pipes. Excessive force of the water will need extra hard work for your joints, faucets and pipes. This can possibly decrease the service lifespan of your system. High water pressure is also one main reason of burst and leaky pipes that are indeed a serious plumbing problem.

5. Sewer Lines and Septic Tank Clearing

Blockages and obstructions are probably the things that we can’t avoid in our plumbing system. With this, it would be necessary for us to have our septic tanks and sewer lines cleaned annually. By clearing it from any build ups, our plumbing system will be free from being blocked completely. In addition to this, sewage backups and the unpleasant smell will be greatly avoided.

6. Early Remedies to Plumbing Issues

Once you notice some problems within your plumbing system, it would be better for you to do some remedies in it. Through this, the issue will be kept away from getting worse. If you just leave it unattended, there’s a possibility that the issue can become serious and costly. Give some remedies o the issues which you can handle such as dripping faucets, running, toilet, leaky pipes and clogged drains.
7. Know where to go when trouble happens

Home owners must know where the emergency plumbing facilities are located. These facilities include the shut-off valve where you can shut off water supply immediately in case of emergency. Aside from this, the temperature and pressure relief valve are also necessary for you to know the location to avoid having explosions and fire when you have a leaking gas.

8. Avoid using Chemical-based solutions/cleaners

You might think that chemicals are one great help in giving solutions to your drain and pipe problems. This idea is unfortunately not true. Chemicals are a great hazard to your system. This is harmful to the health of your family and to the environment.