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8 Plumbing Power Tools for a Quick and Convenient Fixes

Plumbernewtown Sump Pump

Other than the basic plumbing tools and equipment such as wrenches, hacksaw, pliers and screwdrivers, many homeowners have invested on plumbing power tools as well for their home’s development procedures and plumbing repair processes. This would be better and rather wiser than immediately contacting and engaging with a plumbing professional to fix your system when problems arise. You would be able to save time from waiting for the plumber’s arrival and cut corners for budget-busting expenses. Having convenient and handy tools in your own plumbing toolbox would help plumbing repairs and home improvements possible. Here are some of the plumbing power tools which would free yourself from exerting too much force and effort when doing do-it-yourself repairs and installations.

Sump pump

A sump pump’s primary duty is to pump water from the soil and transfer it away from your home or building to keep it dry. This power tool is oftentimes found in lower areas of your home, such as your basement, where flooding and soil saturation usually takes place. This will make you basements dry to prevent flooding and mould development due to the presence of excess moisture.

Auger bits

An auger bit is to be used for boring a hole into other materials, typically harder, such as metal or wood. It is composed of a flighting, basically a helical blade that rotates and causes the removal of the dug our material from the hole and the material itself.

Angle drill

Just like the auger bits, angle drills are used to create holes to harder objects too. But angle drills are usually used to create a hole on hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces. Angle drills come in various speed, quickness and efficiency and it’s up to you to choose what is best for you. They are used to create holes for insertion or connection.

Angle grinder

Angle grinders are used to polish, cut and sharpen hard materials such as tiles, pavers and stucco. This is a quicker way for cutting hard objects with a cleaner output compared to hacksaws. They can be powered by electricity, petrol engines or compressed air.

Pipe cutters

As suggested by its name, pipe cutters are usually used by plumbers to efficiently, quickly and effectively cut pipes and tubes of varied material. They have a cleaner output compared to hacksaws and would not require too much force and effort from the operator. This is the best option to avoid messy outputs and the undesirable incident of breaking the pipe.

Toilet auger

A toilet auger may be familiar to us. This tool is used to remove obstructions and clogs from the toilet and toilet pipes. This has a long flexible semi-rigid shaft on one end to manoeuvre through the blocked pipe and a handle on one end for the operator. This is commonly termed as a plumber’s snake.

Electric drill

An electric drill is another tool for boring a hole on another material. It has a metal bit that creates a hole on an object and is commonly known as a power drill. Aside from that, it could also be used to turn screws around by replacing the metal bit with a screwdriver tip.


A jigsaw is traditionally called a scroll saw and is a power tool best for many desired designs for woods, plastic and metal materials. A jig saw can be used to cut arbitrary curves and can be conveniently used when doing so.