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7 Common Plumbing Mistakes You Might Be Unaware Of

Common Plumbing Mistakes

Every homeowner has different habits and routines at home be it be with their schedules or the way they take care of their home especially their plumbing system. But sometimes, one of these routines is being blind to see that these habits has already contributed major damages on the system and will create a great possibility that this might be the cause of the system’s complete failure. Others think that this is completely safe without knowing its true effect to the system. If you think you are not sure if what you are doing to your plumbing system is helpful or not, try to check the following common mistakes most homeowners do.


The excessive use of drops

   Many homeowners try hard to keep a fresh scent in their bathrooms and toilets and all of us do love the scent the toilet fresheners create. But homeowners use drops and the reason why this is not recommended by plumbing professionals is because of the contribution it can give to get your toilet easily affected by corrosion. This is because drops have chemical contents as well that activates abrasive substances and causes corrosion within your pipes and toilet parts. This can cause your toilets parts and mechanisms to easily wear off and you would have to repair and replace them sooner. Aside from that, when this is done often, these drops might get stuck within the mechanism causing your toilet to get clogged and obstructed.


Pouring down chemicals down the drain

   This is the worse version of using drops in your toilet because your drops might contain chemicals but not as destructive as the chemical drain cleaners. And guess what? Most homeowners oftentimes do this to their plumbing system without knowing that it can create a great disaster to their system. When these drain cleaners are excessively shoved into your sewer system, they can slowly eat out your pipes through corrosion until they get weaker and starts to deteriorate. Aside from that, these chemicals are harmful to the good bacteria in your septic system that helps in the decomposition of the wastes.


Treating their toilet as a garbage can

   Some homeowners would rather shove their wastes down their toilet and kitchen drains than keeping them in their trash bins because these wastes might invite nasty insects and create and stench smell that is hazardous to their family’s health. Most of them, after flushing their wastes down, think that they have completely wiped out all the wastes. The reality is, most of them choose to remain in a form of a clog or an obstruction within your sewer lines. With that being said, it is sure that you will soon encounter clogs and overflow that might even lead to sewage backup.


Forgetting to replace hoses

   There are many factors contributing to the bursting and leaking of your hoses and because they are naturally flexible and soft in nature, they are very vulnerable to leaks and burst. When they did leak, they can cause a severe flood in your kitchen and drag your water bills higher. That is why most homeowners advise that homeowners check the status of their garbage disposal regularly, at least once or twice a year. This will help detect initiating obscurities so homeowners could hand over early remedies to the defect. Professional plumbers also recommended the use of hoses that are covered with metal to avert leaks and kitchen floods.


Starch, FOG and Fibre

   Drains are oftentimes treated as garbage cans. Food leftovers, fruit peels and other kitchen wastes are oftentimes drained down the drains without knowing what will they do to your drainage system. Even if you have a garbage disposal at home, some particles should not be drained in the disposal as they could cause complications not only to the unit but to the entire system as well. This includes starchy foods and fibrous items such as potato peelings, pasta, coffee grounds and artichokes most especially, oil and grease. These particles could accumulate the interior of your disposal and your drainage system and would cause them to clog and easily degenerate.


Messing with the water heater

   If you think something is not good with your water heater and immediately you detected some troubles, do not try solving the problem on your own. This is because you might not know everything about your water heaters and you might accidently cut connections and valves that will certainly cause more damage and expenses than directly calling a professional plumber in the first place.


Too much Do-It-Yourself

   This is indeed the main cause why our plumbing problems get worse. If you think you can handle the problem on your own, you should first ask a professional what to do and the tools you should use before doing what is supposed to be done.