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6 To-Do Things in Case of a Plumbing Emergency

Facing a plumbing disaster is a huge dilemma for most people especially if you don’t have even an inkling on what to do first. To help you ease down your nerves, here are a few things you need to do in an emergency plumbing before you go nuts while talking to the plumbing gods.

  • Stay Calm.
    There is nothing more dramatic than panicking during a plumbing crisis. It may just be a leaking pipe or a clogged drain. There definitely is no need to shout to members of your family or plumbing experts over the phone when water breaks out from your appliances. Its normal. Everybody experiences that most of the time. You are not the only one so get your head back in the game and focus on the task at hand.
  • Shut Off Water Supply.
    Instead of rushing to call for plumbing experts, why don’t you go and check to see which of the amenities you own have leaks or where the overflow is coming from. Be sure that you know where your main shutoff valve and the shutoffs of your appliances with individual fixtures are located. Shutting the water off immediately prevents further damage to your home.
  • Transfer Furniture.
    Water travels fast. You won’t have a chance to mop up the water on the affected area if you want to save your furniture from the onslaught of the water flow. For the fixed furniture, you can put layers of aluminum foil under the legs of each furniture.
  • Unclog the Drainage.
    Unclogging drains are a bit easy. There are many helpful tips on how to unclog specific drains online. The main tool used for unclogging drains is the ‘mighty plunger’. If it is still draining slowly, use a liquid drain cleaner. That way, you won’t be having heart attacks plunging the whole day long. If this two can’t still solve the issue at hand, call a plumber. He’ll know what’s wrong and how to remedy it.
  • Check the Source of the Issue.
    After unclogging the drains and you have minimum control over the situation, check the spots where the leaks may have come from. There might be cracks or some other reasons of why your plumbing system gave out. There is a reason for everything, after all.
  • Take Down Notes.
    It’s important to jot down notes for your insurance. Note every vital detail that can be used as information. It might not matter to you now but you have to do this if you want your future to be protected from misfortunes like this.

After performing all these steps and when you have resolve the issue and have everything under control, give yourself a break for a job well done.