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6 Precautionary Techniques for the Incoming Winter Season

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Every homeowner definitely knows when winter is finally coming. And with winter comes its spells which do not only involve the sub zero temperature, the snow covering all over the surrounding but includes the plumbing disasters it accompanies as well. Plumbing disasters include destruction of plumbing appliance and fixtures such as your water heaters forcing you to embrace the chilly drizzles of water coming from your shower head during your shower. Yet we all know that winter season brings some fun too. But before you take your snow gears and snowboards, make sure your plumbing system is well protected from the spells of winter. Take good care of your plumbing facilities before you would have to engage for a plumber to come to your home when the condition is chilly and freezing. Here are some tips you can use to protect your plumbing system and keep them from constantly encountering troubles during your winter fun.

Pipe Insulation

This is yet the basic way to protect your home’s plumbing system. You can do this to all you household plumbing appliance, utilities and facilities and winter wonderland is fast approaching. This can be done with the use of slitted insulation blanket or insulation foam basically available in your plumbing markets and home improvement stores. This is to be wrapped around your facility to lock the heat in and to keep it from the reach of winter’s chilly hands. Thus, this will keep them is good condition especially when insulation is done properly.

Pump House

Some houses have an existing well adjacent to it, and when this situation is the same in your household, it is important to make sure that your pump house is in insulation so you can be assured that your pipe will be prevented from freezing. Also, make sure that your heater is working well because this is necessary to keep a higher temperature in your home or else, everything in it will be coated with ice and are freezing.

Hose Bibs

When winter is approaching or is starting to cast its spell on your area, make sure to remove all hose bibs attached to your household taps to lessen the instances of trapped water that might freeze during the cold season. When the water content of your hose bibs freeze and expands, it might burst your hoses and might cause them to be no longer beneficial for the next use. During the winter season, keeping your outdoor utilities is the best preventative tip, and if they are not movable, make sure to insulate them or at least drain the water they contain.

Evaporative Cooler

Your evaporative cooler must be kept dry, insulated and protected by covering them throughout the winter season. Aside from that, it would be wise to drain the water inside them and make sure to turn off all the inline water supply that provides it with water.


Your outdoor sprinklers are definitely of no use during the winter season because your plants might be already dying outside your home. So, to avoid your outdoor sprinklers from freezing and bursting afterwards, make sure to turn off the water supply leading to your outdoor sprinkler and drain all the water it contains by turning on the valves that are linked with the facility.

Kitchen Drains

Avoid the constant flushing of grease and fat into your drainage system as they would easily solidify inside the pipe due to the cold temperature. This might then cause your sewer system to clog. It is as well wise to run hot water into the drainage system to dissolve and disintegrate oil and fat build-up and flush them all throughout the sewer line.