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5 Factors that Could Lead to Burst Pipes

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Typically, homeowners are concern for the welfare of their pipe buried underneath the ground. The reason behind this is that they couldn’t conduct an easy maintenance inspection or couldn’t easily notice the problem when they are experiencing one. On the other hand, what most of them really want to avoid is having to deal with pipe burst issues that really takes time to mend. Aside from that, since the pipes burst and could no longer be redeemed, you are required to pay for pipe replacement service that is expensive.

Every problem can be prevented if we know the factors that could result in the dilemma from happening. All we need to do is to observe if these signs are occurring to easily mend it in its earliest stages. The following are the factors that result in pipe burst:

  1. Freezing

Most of the time, our pipes are commonly installed in the floor, walls and roof spaces. If these pipes don’t get the temperature it needs, the pipes will expand. However, not just that, during winter, your pipes could possibly freeze and burst. For those pipes that already burst, these affects the operation and the entire plumbing system. During the winter season, to avoid this kind of predicament, your pipes should be insulated with a foam before winter arrives. Aside from that, make sure that you should drain the contents of your pipes in order to avert the stagnant water from freezing.

  1. Water pressure

Typically, the reason why water pressure occurs in our household is due to water pressure issues. In your household, everybody should always pay attention on our fixtures most especially when there are pipe clogs. When your pipe clogs, the pressure in the pipe will build up until the pipe can no longer take it and burst. To know if there are any clogs, observe if you the water pressure is inconsistent. As homeowners like you, we should always pay attention to the warning in order to avert the hazards that will occur in the future. Aside from that, you’ll also avoid from paying expensive plumbing services.

  1. Collapsed pipe

Because of environmental alternations and the heavy load of the surface, the pipe couldn’t handle the weight so over time, they collapsed. These changes result in the change in the weight of the soil that forces the pipe to give up easily.

  1. Tree roots

The presence of tree roots can precipitate to a serious pipe and sewer issue. The roots could develop even more and affect the structural integrity of the entire pipe system. Since tree roots would seek areas in order to get the sufficient nutrients it needs in order to grow. It tries to reach into the deepest part of the surface until it successfully reaches your pipes which are rich in moisture and nutrients. Also, if your pipework have loose passage joint, there is no doubt that it could be subject to root intrusion which covers the entire pipe until it bursts.

If you’re not aware of the signs that indicates a pipe intrusion. Here are the following:

  •    Slow draining process
  •    Sewage backflow begins to occur
  •    Slow flushing
  •    You start hearing gurgling sounds
  1. Corrosion

If your pipes are made of copper, steel or iron pipes, this will be severely damaged because of the effects of corrosion. Also, if those substances flowing through the pipeline creates a chemical reaction, this could also precipitate to corrosion and will affect the pipe’s operation and its physical that could lead to cracks and leaks.