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5 Early Signs of a Broken Pipe

plumbernewtown 5 Early Signs of a Broken Pipe

In the plumbing system, minor problems that remained below the surface and concealed from the eyes for the longest time can develop and lead to bigger problems as the time passes by. They become the very reason why the plumbing system could fail. To prevent small problems from developing and creating more havoc to the system, here are signs you should watch out for:

Foul Smelling Drains

Whenever there is a cracked or damaged pipeline, foul smell is bound to be one of the signs that make it evident. When you notice a rotten or unpleasant smell coming from your drain pipes, this can be the result of cracks and, eventually, waste water backup. The foul odour is basically caused by waste water that was never transported properly to the main sewers. If this problem is left untreated for so long, it can lead to serious health issues and environmental problems.

Wet Spots in Random Places

Wet spots along the walls, flooring and bloating of wood in random areas all over the ceiling can be another sure sign for pipe leakage and breakage. Observe the walls that have been embedded with supply or sewage pipes. Even the pipelines that were concealed within the walls are not entirely resistant to leaks and cracks. When there is an existing crack, water can drip into the fixture or foundation creating severe damages that can threaten the walls and foundation of your building.

Clanking of Pipes

Clanking and banging of the pipes can be the result from the shift of water pressure inside the pipes. The pressure weighs heavily unto the pipes which is why the service life of the pipes can be shortened a great deal. At the first appearance of this sign, you can save your plumbing system from further damage by investing in effective solutions fit for the specific type of damages as well as choosing a solution specially tailored to adapt to the situation and condition of the environment that the pipeline is in.
Often times, you will find that installing a water pressure reducer or regulator can easily fix your problem. In fact, this feature should be present in your plumbing system upon installation to aid in countless damages and crises such as this.

Slow Water Flow But With High Water Bill

When you are a homeowner, you get attuned to operations of your plumbing system that you begin to set up standards and allot budgets for a specific purpose in your home. If you are like most homeowners who like to stay on top of their finances by tracking every single detail of the expenses, you might find it particularly easy to set aside the expected amount for certain home bills. This way, at the slightest abnormalities and unexplainable rise in the billing, you will know that something is not working properly with your plumbing system. Also, through this you can monitor the performance of the pipes.
For instance, you are using the tap as often as before and there is even lesser amount of water coming through yet you are paying higher amounts. This is when you know that there is a leak somewhere in your pipe that is basically haemorrhaging money. At most times, these leaks could be too far along that minimal pipe repairs can do next to nothing. In this case, you can be sure that pipe relining will fix the problem thoroughly.

Gurgling Noises

This problem is typical for plumbing systems and pipelines suffering from tiny holes in the body of the pipe. As the water gushes out, more and more air is sucked inside the pipe creating bubbles that find exists in unusual places such as the toilet bowl. Aside from that, the gurgling could also have been produced by air pockets that failed to find their way out.