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4 Tips on How to Have a Better Air Quality in Your Bathroom

Plumber Newtown 4 Tips on How to Have a Better Air Quality

Homeowners often forget the importance of having a great air quality. Using air fresheners to mask stenches or improve the air of the bathroom is a common habit that isn’t really effective compared to having excellent air ventilation. If you noticed that your eyes feel itchy whenever you enter the comfort room, then you definitely have a problem with the atmosphere of the room. Don’t let your lavatory become a deposit of awful odours; learn some tips on how to have a better air quality in your bathroom.

1.Make Sure you Have a Lot of Methods in Removing Moisture

The primary cause of odours and fungus in the bathroom is moisture. It’s clear what you should do; take steps on how to dry your bathroom. You shouldn’t just rely on one method; instead, you need to have plenty of options on taking out the moisture in the room. As always, a high quality exhaust fan is the best option but you should also have dehumidifiers and a window that lets fresh air enter the bathroom.

2.High Quality Fan

Your best tool in sucking out moisture in the bathroom is the exhaust fan. Be sure not to purchase a low quality fan since this equipment easily break and are extremely noisy. The best exhaust fans may be expensive but it’s very effective in dehumidifying and can last a long time. Be sure to clean and maintain the fan since dirt and grime can accumulate on the fan and recede the air quality, especially if the fan is used regularly.

You can also install additional features on your fan to make it even more effective and easy-to-use. There are fans that can be turned on with motion sensors which is a handy feature. If you want something less expensive then you can install a fan timer which you can set in one hour after you shower. Dehumidistats are also a great addition since it automatically turns the fan on when the bathroom is too humid

3.Heated Floor System

Although the walls are affected by the droplets of the shower, it’s the floor that has a lot of moisture. To dry the floors faster, you can add a floor heating system in your bathroom. If this is paired with an excellent exhaust fan, you won’t have to worry about high moisture ever again. This is a bit of a complicated installation so always hire the best professionals to install the heating system.

4.Grout Lines

Water can easily accumulate on grout lines which make it easier for moulds to develop and release awful spores that deteriorate the air quality. If there are large gaps on the grout lines then you need to dry it frequently to avoid moisture build-up. For those of you who plan on remodelling their bathroom, you should consider lowering the amount of grout joins on the tiles so that the floor will have lesser moisture and have a faster evaporation time.