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3 Steps to Temporary Pipe Fixes

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According to a study, ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water,or more, per day.

Not only do leaks make your bills more expensive, it also does nothing for water conservation. In order to lessen your bill and help conserve water, here are 3 simple steps to temporarily fix your leaking pipes. These fixes will not solve your problem it will, however, give you ample time to call for professional plumbing assistance without you worrying about your water bill.

Step 1: Shut off the water source.

Locate your shut-off valve and turn it off. If you have no shut-off valve, you might have to turn off main water valve to your home. This is typically located near the street. Then, make sure that there is no more water stuck in the pipeline by opening the tap letting it all out.

Step 2: The fixing part.

Depending on the damage your pipe has and your available tools at hand, refer to the options below to temporarily fix it:

a) Pipe Clamps

This method is perfect for small leaks or also called pinhole leaks. To install the pipe clamp, place a rubber pad on top of the hole or leak then put the clamp over the pad and screw in the bolt until the rubber pad is compressed. Be careful not to tighten it too much as it may bend the pipe and make your problem bigger. These type of clamp are primarily used in air crafts and submarines, so you are sure that these are sturdy enough to put the leaking under control.

b) Epoxy Compounds

Using epoxy compounds can help a great deal in this case. These have good adhesive properties, minimal shrinkage and are characterised by its toughness. Some useful epoxy compounds you need for basics are plumber’s putty, leak sticks and epoxy sticks.

c)Pipe Wraps

These work similarly with epoxy compounds and can be placed anywhere in the pipe. They work by hardening around the pipe to cover leaks and cracks.

d) Repair Sleeves

This is a cost-effective way to repair damaged pipes. This works be repairing or reinforcing damages pipes due to internal or external corrosion. This provides to be a perfect solution for pinhole leaks and cracks.

Keep in mind that these fixes are only temporary and that your plumbing damages may worsen if it goes unattended for too long. So, for the last step…

Step 3: Call for help.

After remedying the damage in your pipe and plumbing system, pick up your phone and contact your local professional plumbing service for assistance.