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3 Main Materials Used to Make Kitchen Taps

plumbernewtown kitchen-tapsOur taps are used to provide us with water daily. On the other hand, do you know that is made from various kinds of metals? For some taps, they are expensive since they the metal used is durable for some, they aren’t. When we try to look for the best tap for us, what we commonly look is its sturdiness, malleability and of course, its price. Everyone should know what are the materials used to make the tap in order to know if it’s sturdy or not.

Stainless steel

In contrast to brass taps that has low melting point, stainless steel taps have a high melting point which makes it extremely hard to cast. When you opt for this kind of opt, not just you who will get the advantage but also the environment you’re living in. This is because stainless steel taps don’t have lead content in it. Typically, this type of tap is added with chromium and nickel. The 8% presence of nickel in the tap increases its malleability and sturdiness. As a buyer and a user of stainless steel taps, it’s important for us to consider that the steel being used is 18/8. This means that it has 18% chromium and 8% nickel in it. Other kitchenware that used the same kind of material are sinks, knives and other cookware.


Zinc tap is made by a known zinc company back in 1929. Zinc is actually a potting material used to substitute costly brass materials. Moreover, there are instances that tell if a tap is made by a zinc material. When your tap is a zinc-made, typically, it is grey in colour that is plated with other metal such as chrome. Additionally, zinc-made taps are much lighter compared to steel taps and brass taps. But, this kind of tap is not that study in contrast to brass taps and doesn’t really withstand corrosive domain.


Brass is a material that is considered to be the traditional material used for creating taps. Brass taps are actually a combination of alloy copper, zinc with a little mixture of other kinds of metal. When you are choosing a tap that you think is best for you, brass taps are really good investment. This kind of tap has a low melting point. Thus, it could withstand all problems a tap typically experiences. Furthermore, this tap is resistant to the harmful effects of corrosion and also, this tap can be recycled easily. On the other hand, the brass taps we utilised in today are way different compared to those brass taps several years ago. This is because the tap makers today are adding leading to the brass. The reason why they add lead to the tap is to increase the malleability of this kind of tap. Aside from lead, it’s also possible for aluminium to be mixed with brass to increase its resistance to corrosion. To specifically withstand the process known as “dezincification”. The aforementioned is a change that fades the zinc in the brass when the metal is exposed to water.