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Few Safe Alternatives in Fixing Blocked Drain


Many times people use various cleaning agents for fixing their blocked without knowing that these solutions are not safe for themselves and their family. For those people, here are some safe alternatives in fixing a blocked drain in an easy yet effective manner.


Salt and hot water: Salt and hot water combination are one of the biggest enemies of clogged drain and you can simply use it to clean your blocked drain. In order to clean it, you can first pour some salt in your pipes and then you can flush hot water in drain pipes with force. In most of the cases, you will get instant result with this solution and this salt will dissolve other deposition as well.


Drain snake: Using a drain snake is one of the best ways of cleaning your blocked drain. This tool is a long cable with a sharp end at one side and this cable remains connected with a motor driven or hand driven roller machine at the other end. This combined action of rolling the cable and sharp end cuts the clogging and clean your blocked pipe easily for you.


Use a plunger: you can also use a plunger to clean your blocked drain. With the help of a plunger you can create air pressure to forcefully remove the clogging of your drain pipe. If blocking is not very stiff and if you are using a good quality plunger, then you can easily remove the clogging from your drain pipes.


In case you find that these safe alternatives in fixing a blocked drain not helping you, then also do not use any kind of chemical for its cleaning. Instead of that call a professional plumber who can do the work for you so you can stay worry free about the safety and health of your family.