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How to Keep your Drains From Being Clogged

 Cleaning or unclogging drains is a fairly easy plumbing job that anyone can do, although there are cases in which the clog is severe, that you need a plumber to unclog it for you. Although most drain problems are relatively minor and can be fixed in no time, it’s better not to have these kinds of nuisance. Check out these useful tips on how to keep your drains from being clogged.

Garbage Disposal Unit

Installing a garbage disposal unit can get rid of those pesky food particles that get stuck in your kitchen drain. But what homeowners forget is that the garbage disposal needs to be maintained regularly so that it operates sufficiently–and to prevent possible obstructions in the device. Always use cold water to flush down the remaining food debris in the disposal unit. This will also help remove grease and other grime that tends to stick on the blades and pipe linings. An even better solution is not to pour grease and oils into the drain.

You can make the garbage disposals blades sharper by letting it grind ice cubes. Take note that the ice cubes should be small enough to be pulverised by the blade edges. You can also add a refreshing scent by flushing down half parts of lemons.

Add a Stopper/Strainer

A stopper is a plug that is fitted into the drain while the sink strainer has a mainly mesh structure. It really doesn’t matter which one you use as both of these can help keep solid debris away from your drain linings. Every drain in your household should have a stopper or strainer, even the bathtub. You don’t have to worry about clogs if you have these tools set-up in your house. Don’t forget to clean up your stopper/strainer once in a while since grime and small debris can still stick on its side linings.

Pour Hot Water into the Drain

Even if you already have a stopper or strainer, it’s advisable to pour hot water into your drains. This is to ensure that even the smallest amount of grease and oils are melted away. You can do this at least once a week as part of your maintenance routine. Also, this is a far safer cleaning regimen than pouring chemical cleaners, not to mention it’s more efficient.

Clean the Overflow Plate

For those who have bathtubs, you need to clean the overflow plate aside from the drains. There could be soap and dirt residue that’s sticking. Leaving it unclean will only cause more debris to pile up and cause massive obstruction.

Install a Hair Catcher

A single strand of hair is something that you wouldn’t worry about. However, if you noticed multiple strands that are starting to pile up, then you need to remove it immediately. Don’t underestimate fallen hair as it can clog the drains in your bathroom. You can install hair catchers for easier clean-up.