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How to Unblock Toilets

toilet unclog ddpToilet clogs are not just smelly and messy but it can also cause discomfort and inconvenience to family members and other users. Moreover, it can also result to damage to the plumbing pipe, flooring as well as lead to exorbitant repairs. The toilet is one of the important fixtures in your property as it is where you dispose your bodily waste, thus it is vital to keep this functional at all times.

Of all plumbing-related clogs and blockages, the toilet clog is considered as the most messy and unpleasant. That is why if homeowners do not act immediately, it will start to overflow. In here, we will discuss practical ways of unclogging the toilet to prevent disaster.

  • First and foremost, you should turn the water valve to prevent the toilet bowl from overflowing. It will also deter additional water from flowing to the toilet, thereby worsening the problem. Locate the shut-off valve behind the toilet and near the floor. Once located, turn the valve clockwise.
  • Plunger would come in handy in this situation. Property owners are advised to store in their storage closet funnel-cup plungers at all times as they can use it in unclogging a blocked toilet. If you already have one, place the item over the hole of the clogged toilet and push it in upward and downward movements alternately. Be sure to repeat plunging as needed. Be cautious for any splash-back.
  • You can also use an auger. This item comes in handy when a plunger fails to remove the clog in the toilet. Aside from the plunger, property owners should also store this product in their storage closet. When using the auger, you have to insert the rubber portion of the auger while the metal is exposed. Insert its corkscrew in the toilet hole and turn its handle clockwise. The moment you feel that you successfully unclog the toilet, and then pull out the auger. Afterwards, test how the toilet flushes by pouring water on the toilet. If it flushes normally, then you successfully unclog the toilet.

When to Call a Licenced Plumber?

If you notice that nothing happens on your effort in unclogging the toilet, then it is the right time to call your plumber. This is especially true when clogging already affects the drains of the other plumbing fixtures.

How to Prevent Toilet Blockage?

  • Family members and other users of the toilet are advised to avoid flushing heavy and hard paper products down the toilet such as tissue, paper towels, panty liners, napkins and etc.
  • Be sure to flush only products which are specially designed in flushing the toilet.
  • Make sure to be easy on using the toilet paper. Keep in mind that flushing huge amounts of toilet paper can result to toilet clogging.
  • You should also teach your kids on the things that shouldn’t be going down the toilet. Toys are among the major causes of toilet clogs, therefore inform and educate your kids about its detrimental effects on the toilet when flushed.

These are handy suggestions that could help a lot in preventing toilet clogging.