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How to Prevent Foul Odours from Your Garbage Disposal Unit

residential plumbingDoes your garbage disposal unit smell like rotten fish? This plumbing device should not emit foul smell! In this post, we will discuss simple and easy cleaning methods to remove the foul smell from the kitchen sink’s garbage disposal.

How Important Garbage Disposal Unit?

Garbage disposal unit makes the lives of users much easier and they do not know what life would be without this device. However, what would you do if this disposal unit starts to smell bad? A stinky and foul garbage disposal is a manifestation that this unit needs cleaning and replacement. If you experienced this problem, then what are the ways of removing the smell?

Though, you can clean this device regularly, you need regular maintenance also. If this is not enough and does not resolve the problem, then it is the time to have it replaced.

What Causes the Foul Odour?

The bad and foul smell emitted from the garbage disposal unit is due to the accumulated food residues that decay in time. The bad smell is attributed to the bacteria that dwell in the garbage disposal unit. You can remove and can clear the bad smell simply by disassembling the device with the use of diverse home remedies. Prior to performing these techniques, property owners should switch their garbage disposal unit off to avoid injuries and accidents. There are easy techniques to clean the garbage disposal device.

What Are the Ways of Leaving Your Garbage Disposal Unit Smelling Fresh?

  1. You can use sustainable grease-fighting cleaning solution and hot water. Be sure to leave the water running while the unit is switch on and then, pour the cleaning liquid down the kitchen sink and the pipe. Be sure to do this step for around ten minutes before you switch it off. Afterwards, you remove the trap and clean it thoroughly, especially beneath it.
  1. Use chlorine bleach to kill the bacteria responsible for emitting the foul smell in the garbage disposal unit. You can clean the device by switching it off first and then pouring chlorine-water solution mix with water. Leave the solution in the device for around 10 minutes before you turn the unit on and then pour hot water in the device before you rinse it with water.
  1. After you clean the garbage disposal unit, you can then switch the device on and throw chopped lemon to leave clean and fresh smell.

When Is the Right Time To Call a Plumber?

Though, it is very easy in maintaining the device, there are problems that you cannot repair and need the expert plumbing services of licensed and dependable plumbers. If the garbage disposal unit has clogged and has stopped working, then call the plumber immediately. This is particularly true for those who have frantic working schedules and who don’t want to get their hands messy and smelly. This is one problem that can easily be resolved by trained, skilled and dependable emergency plumbers.