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6 Things that Should Not Go Down into the Drain

Plumbernewtown Clogged DrainPipes have been very helpful in taking away liquid trashes from our homes. Many of us just hate it when our pipes get clogged or damaged without knowing that it is us who usually caused the problem. The lack of cautiousness and attention is the main cause of our dilemma. The things we drain down our system are the main culprits of the clogs and malfunctions thus, we better be vigilant and heedful of what goes down our drain. Here are some things you should consistently keep away from your drain to get rid of future plights.

    1. Grease and Fat

Cooking oil, salad dressing, olive oil, butter and other dairy products are some of the main causes you experience problems in your pipe lines. They will build up in the interior of your pipes as they solidify, and starts blocking your pipe or slowing down the drains. Sometimes, we unconsciously wash them off from our plates and frying pans but they can do harm to our plumbing system. You would also prefer draining them than putting them in your compost bin because they can create nasty smells and invite awful pests. Instead, you better recycle them because they can be converted to an eco-friendly biofuel by some companies.

    2. Hair

It is very annoying and frustrating to see you hair on the floor because they do best in clogging your pipes. They get entwined within your pipe that causes more particles to get stuck helping in the build-up. This will eventually clog your pipes without you noticing them. Once in a while, make sure to remove hair from your pipes to avoid build ups. Install a strainer to help you get rid of them as well though not all strands may be trapped but at least it can help.

    3. Cotton balls, paper towels, wet wipes, scrub pads

Some things like paper towels, toiletries, cotton balls, and scrub pads may seem soft and water soluble, but they can cause sewer line problems as well. Flushing them or draining them down may increase the risk of future clogs and plumbing problems that would result to sewage backup and overflows, so it would be a better choice to keep them away from your drains.

    4. Egg Shells

Even with a garbage disposal, eggshells should never be drained down. The membranes inside these shells will get stuck or pinned in the walls. This slimy substance will invite more nasty objects of get attached in the walls which causes the reduction of the water pipe diameter available for water passage. This may then completely clog your pipes and would require much effort, attention, money and time.

    5. Coffee Granules

Many of us are so confident draining down coffee granules because they are soluble in water, but many plumbers have found that they are usually the causes of clogs. Coffee grounds and tea leaves must not be put down your drain but in your trash cans and compost bin instead.

    6. Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals may not necessarily clog your plumbing system, but draining them down should be avoided as they do much harm to our environment. They end up in lakes, rivers and seas that destroy and kill marine species.