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5 Things That Should Never Make It Down the Drain

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One useful ways to get rid of filth in the kitchen and also to keep it clean is by flushing the waste down the drain. Although the pipes seem to be accepting of all kinds of filth, there are certain kinds that will cause massive damage to your pipelines and sewage system when they accumulate in the pipes. To remedy this, every homeowner should be wary and attentive with the kinds of waste that make it down the drain. For this purpose, here is a brief list of the things that should never be flushed down the drain:
1. Greasy and Fatty Substances

Dairy products, as well as, cooking oil, olive oil, and salad dressing are some of the most common causes of pipeline problems. They have the tendency to accumulate and build up in your drainage pipe walls. These substances will attach themselves and create a build-up in the interior walls and, soon enough, they will solidify and slowly block the drain close. These items make it past the drain because homeowners tend to wash them off plates, dishes and frying pans. You might prefer to drain the substances rather than dumping them into your garbage bins since they give off nasty smells and can create a mess inside the bins. A better way to get rid of the materials to make sure that they have an eco-friendly effect is to turn them into biofuel and used as source of energy.
2. Hair Fall

Hair fall is common in floor drains and shower spaces. Since the strands tend to be quite long, tangles are expected to happen. As the strands curl up creating a tangle, particles get stuck in the pipes and create a build-up that will block the flow of the water. This will cause the pipes to fail without you noticing it until it is too late. To avoid these problems, make it a routine to remove the hair tangles inside the pipelines or drains. As a precautionary measure, you can install a strainer in your floor or sink drains to make sure that your pipelines are protected from hair tangles. Do not expect every strand to be filtered but this method can surely help.
3. Hygiene Products and Wrappers

Hygiene products in the form of toiletries, paper towels, scrub pads and cotton balls may see quite soft, but in reality, they can actually cause sewer lines and drains to clog. These items are a big threat to the sewer lines and risk future failure of the pipe. The situation could worsen and lead to overflows and backups. The only solution to keep the drains clear of them is to make sure they do not get to it.
4. Egg Shells

Even when there is a garbage disposal inside the drain, eggshells will always pose a threat to the drainage system since they contain membranes that refuse to get shredded by the disposal blades. This slimy substance is viable to invite nasty mixtures that attach themselves in the interior walls of the pipe and block them. This may be the reason for the pipes failure that will need effort, time and money to fix.
5. Coffee Granules

Coffee shards are another substance that should not make it in the drain. Since they are water soluble substances, homeowners tend to pour them directly down the pipe in hopes that the water will dissolve them. The same thing happens with tea leaves. One way to keep this situation from unfolding is to toss them into your trash bins and compost heaps instead.