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5 Steps to Retrieve a Lost Item in Your Drain

Plumbernewtown Turn off the supply valve or the stopcock

Accidents do happen all the time. Just like in your drains, there are times that we accidentally throw our things down. Subsequent to that, you won’t stop worrying about the item that could cause some serious drain issues. This item could be the reason why your drain is clog since it blocks the water from passing through. With the being said, this article is presented in order to aid you with your dilemma. Below is a step by step guide on how to retrieve your stuff:

Step 1. Turn off the supply valve or the stopcock

Before you begin retrieving the lost item, be sure that you have already shut off the water supply. Most of the time, supply valves can be seen under your sinks and are installed against the wall.

Step 2. Place a bucket underneath the trap

After you shut down the water supply, you should have to place a bucket at the bottom portion of the trap. This is just to ensure that if there are any mess that will happen. Since water will spill out from the trap the moment you open it, the bucket will be there to catch the water and that item that got stuck in your drain.

Step 3. Disassemble the trap

A slip nut is protecting the trap and between the two is a washer. In disassembling the trap, make sure to keep the washer in a safe place as it essential in sealing the slipknot and the trap. To take out the trap, make sure that you to unscrew first the slip nut. Since the trap is made u of plastic material, it would take much time in removing it. You can even unscrew the aforementioned through the use of your hands. On the other hand, for metal traps, it would be best to use a wrench in taking it out. After that, the jaw of the wrench should be wrapped with some electrical tape to keep the nuts from any scratches. Once you’re done with the slip nuts, you now remove the trap. Then, pour down the water within it and take out the lost item. However, if you still haven’t located it after all the steps you performed, then do this next essential step.

Step 4. Scrape out any obstruction in the trap

With the use of a wire brush, scrape out the gunk and other factors that have accumulated in your trap. After doing this, you will be successful in finding the item you lost. On the other hand, putting back the trap, you have to ensure the trap is totally clean. You can clean the trap by just simply spraying some water on it. with this, obstructions will be prevented.

Step 5. Reassemble the trap

If you got the lost item from the drain, make sure that you won’t leave your drain pipe in a complete disarray. With the being said, return everything you disassembled to its original place. Tighten up the slip nuts of the trap with the use of your hands or even a wrench.