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4 Useful tips for Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

plumbernewtown avoid hard objects

You should really consider having a garbage disposal for your kitchen sink drain. It makes waste disposal a lot easier. Not only that, this device can also lower the frequencies of clogs. If you already have a garbage disposal or plan to purchase one; you must not forget to clean and maintain it regularly. A lot of food leftovers pass through the unit each day so it’s sensible to be meticulous when cleaning it. Here are useful tips in maintaining your garbage disposal.

  1. Avoid draining glass, plastic, or other hard objects

Your garbage disposal isn’t designed to grind sturdy or generally hard items so you should avoid draining such solid objects. Besides, the unit’s blades will have difficult time cutting down these types of items. Limit the item you grind with foods only. Another important thing you need to know is that there even food types that must not be grinded by your garbage disposal. We will discuss this in the next section.

  1. Don’t grind fibrous and hard food

The garbage disposal may be designed to grind food wastes but the truth is that you should avoid putting foods that are hard. Example of hard food leftovers are bones, shells, large fruits, etc. You see, the garbage disposal will have a difficult time grinding this food. In some cases, the hard foods will just get stuck. It’s not just hard food leftovers you should be mindful of but also fibrous types. Vegetable and fruit peels can stick on the gaps of the garbage disposal and jam it. Even small seeds and rice can also accumulate on the gaps. Although it can be a hassle to be always on the lookout on the foods you’re grinding; it’s needed to keep your garbage disposal free from debris.

  1. Always run cold water on your garbage disposal

You’re probably familiar with a tip on using hot water to clear your drains. This is actually a good advice but it’s not applicable if you have a garbage disposal. Using hot water will only cause oils or other sticky food residue to melt and stick on the components of the garbage disposal. Pouring cold water will harden grease and oils. This will give the blades the chance to cut the hardened residue with relative ease.

  1. Use homemade or chemical-free drain cleaners for maintenance

You can use drain-cleaning mixture to clean the garbage disposal and drains altogether. A popular homemade solution is one cup of baking soda and vinegar. This helps takeout food residue sticking on the disposal unit while also eliminating odour. The solution will fizzle which means the components are reacting. Pour it directly if this happens to make the most out of the solution. If you prefer drain-cleaning products; we suggest using enzyme cleaners or any product that doesn’t contain chemicals. The reason is that chemical-based cleaning products can damage your health, the drain pipes, and also your garbage disposal. So it’s best if you avoid or depend on using chemical drain-cleaners.