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3 Common Causes of a Clogged Shower Drain

bathroom_shower1As you step in the shower to take a bath, you were suddenly surprised by a pool of water remaining stagnant on the floor. You no longer feel like taking a shower with your feet soaked in a pool of dirty water. A clogged shower drain can be a great pain the neck to most homeowners like you. In order to clear it you will have to deal with nasty stuff and it would take a huge amount of your time to solve the problem. A number of things can cause a shower drain clog. In order to save yourself from the troubles caused by it, you must get to know first about the common causes why they get blocked and the ways on how to prevent them from flooding your bathroom. Let’s get to know about the common blockages within our shower drain pipes.

  1. Hair

We are aware that most of us lose some of our hair while taking a shower. It can be a little disheartening to see them go down the drain but what’s more heartbreaking is the fact that they are a serious cause of blocked drains. You might think that they are harmless to your drain pipes but they are actually the primary culprits of clogs especially in shower drains. Over time, they build up and get tangled up within your drains. They can cause significant damage within your plumbing system if you continue ignoring them. Some items that go down your lines might get tangled with them as well, so it would be best to keep them away from flowing down there by using drain screens or strainers. Strainers help in catching any debris including hair to prevent them from going down your pipes. You may also use devices such as a wire hanger in taking out the hair once in a while to prevent hair build ups.

  1. Soap scum and shampoo

A shower won’t be complete without shampoo and soap. However, over time they can cause clogs and erosion within our pipes. Since, we can’t prevent them from flowing down the drain, we must exert a little effort on regularly cleaning our shower drains to prevent them from causing clogs. Soap in bar form can be quite worrisome since some pieces of it can fall off and jam the pipes. Sticky shampoo films and soap scum stick along the sides of your pipes causing the space in between them to get narrowed causing the shower to drain slowly.

  1. Chemicals

When experiencing a clog, some of us tend to use chemical cleaners to fix the problem. That method might be able to solve the problem temporarily but it would cause real damage to your pipes in the long run. So, it is best to not use them. You can use vinegar and baking soda instead. You can create a solution combining vinegar with baking soda as an alternative drain cleaner. These products are environmentally friendly, safe to use and are much cheaper compared to commercial chemical cleaners.